Number of 70 MHz squares worked in 2018 soars

Well, prior to 2018 I had been struggling to work new Maidenhead grid squares on 70 MHz due to a previous combination of deaf radios for that band and unsuitable antennas.

However, in 2018 in time for the Sporadic-E season I combined an Icom-7100 transceiver with a small 1.2m long quad band vertical colinear (50/70/144/432 MHz).

Despite this new antenna being vertically polarised and with poor performance reviews especially on 144 MHz, and only being mounted at 2m AGL, due to local antenna restrictions, I still managed to increase my 70 MHz grid squares total from a starting measly seven to 38.

My primary communication mode being FT8 for weak signal and automatic signal reception.

My 70 MHz best distance was when working EA7CI in IM77 square at 1,873 km via Sporadic-E propagation.

Countries worked in 2018 were EA, CT, GI, GW, G, 9H1, DL, 9A4, S57, OK, HA, SP & OK

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