Meteor Scatter (MS) thriving

I have just returned to my favourite Amateur Radio propagation mode of Meteor Scatter (MS) and found that the 50 MHz (6m) band is absolutely full of activity and thriving more than ever with operators.

The new MS mode on the scene in 2017 is MSK144 mode with 15s intervals and appears to have completely taken over from the previous commonly used mode of JT6M, which was very prevalent as recently as 2015/16.

Most activity on MSK144 mode occurs around 50.280 MHz and the software in use appears to be either the long running and well known WSJT or the newer MSHV by LZ2HV.

Other frequencies seen are 70.280 MHz again with MSK144

This mode would also appear to be very suitable for Aircraft Scatter (AS) propagation and will be interesting to see how it performs there.

73 de Philip G0ISW

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