Where have all the Amateur Radio technical conversations gone?

I became a SWL in 1983 and a Radio Amateur in 1985, back in those halcyon days we were not permitted to talk at all about Politics or Religion in case it caused offence and the vast majority of conversations to be heard were usually technically related to antennas, radios, propagation etc.

How things have changed now………..I have just been listening to 3.6-3.8 MHz LSB this morning using my Wellbrook ALA1530+ (modified to 100MHz) Active Loop Antenna and the range of non-technical conversations included:

Toe nail clipping, motorcycles & stolen cars!

On the positive side there were a few technical conversations overheard about:

IP cameras, OFCOM & RF breakthrough 

Not technical, but interesting was:

Stoats and wild rabbits & flooding


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