UK Hams operating outside 5MHz band limits

This week I returned to the 5 MHz band and specifically the JT65/JT9 data section around 5.357 MHz.

Here in the UK we do not have a continuous 5 MHz band, it is split up into smaller allocated parts UK 5 MHz allocation and this ‘bandlet’ is 5.354-5.358 MHz which means no part of a UK Radio Amateurs transmission should be any higher than 5.358 MHz.

JT65 signals are 200 Hz wide so when operating on USB the highest frequency you can use in the UK is actually 5.357 +800 Hz or 5.357800 MHz otherwise your transmission will be above the 5.358 MHz maximum permitted.

60m UK data

It is clear from observing the UK 5 MHz band that some (new to JT65/JT9 data mode) UK Hams may not understand the band limits and how JT65 signals can easily be transmitted out of band.

Last night I observed two UK stations well above 5.358 MHz and transmitting well outside the permitted UK allocation. They were

M0N** JT9 5.358.57 MHz 16:34-16:40 utc 03.12.2015 calling A61BK

M1P** JT65 5.358.68 MHz 17:48 utc 03.12.2015, later seen at 5.359.0 MHz and also chasing A61BK

Screenshots of the HamSpots Cluster Spots page HamSpots were taken by me showing other Amateur Stations also reporting seeing both these stations clearly transmitting outside the permitted UK 5 MHz band allocation.

What concerns me the most is that this behaviour threatens all our access to the 5 MHz band as it only takes the primary user to observe this and potentially we could lose our access. Their working the DX station also would not be legitimate either.

Elsewhere in the World the JT65/JT9 activity is permitted from 5.357-5.361 MHz plus and they can operate without having to stay within our narrow 1000 Hz wide section that falls within the rest of the World’s allocation, but if they do we cannot call them back unless we transmit in our own allocation lower down in frequency and either encourage them to join us there or work split frequency.

Seen the next day

M0A** JT65 5.358.28 MHz 15:50 utc 04.12.2015 working PA0ING

G3J** JT65 5.358.18 MHz 16:29 utc 04.12.2015 working LA4CQ




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