50 MHz JT6M and Aircraft Scatter prediction

Today I was attempting again to work John GW4MBN in IO71PR square on 50.230 MHz using JT6M data mode and via random Meteor Scatter, but reflections were few and far between and of short duration.

The distance between us is 352 km over a difficult mountainous path.

I used the new version 1.0.0 of AirScout software by DL2ALF to see if there were any potential aircraft on our mutual path, but they were all too low.

Then I spotted flight KLM686 a Boeing 747-400 aircraft at 11,887 m altitude, 963 km/h speed (600 MPH), that would cross our mutual path just off the coast of Anglesey at 12:43.

This aircraft was travelling from Mexico to Holland.

At 12:43 GW4MBN received my final RRRR at 12dB signal level, so the QSO was completed very nicely by Aircraft Scatter with my signals being reflected off the large metal aircraft body.!

Really enjoying this software.

73 de Philip G0ISW


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