Wellbrook ALA-1530 loop (modded) for 50 MHz MS

I have a 2013 manufactured Wellbrook ALA-1530 loop which was modded for me to allow operation on frequencies higher than 30 MHz and potentially up to 100 MHz, in a similar way to the no longer produced 1530+ loop.

Wellbrokk 1530 loop

In recent weeks I was experimenting to see if I could receive signals using my vertically polarised Wellbrook loop from the remaining Icelandic Band 1 TV stations on 62 MHz and then I left my receiver on 50.230 MHz monitoring the JT6M transmissions from amateurs using Meteor Scatter.
At the same time I had my other radio also on 50.230 MHz with a horizontal 50 MHz antenna so I could compare the two antennas. The results have been interesting in that the Wellbrook 1530 loop has often picked up reflected ‘pings’ that the horizontal antenna missed and vice versa.
Sometimes both antennas have picked up the same signal with almost identical signal strengths.  Such has been the performance of my Wellbrook loop that I now use it every time in conjunction with my regular Tx antenna when trying Meteor Scatter on 50 MHz so as to catch and decode more JT6M pings than a single antenna.
73 de Philip G0ISW
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