Wellbrook 1530+ Loop on 50 MHz

Finally some 50 MHz Sporadic-E has reached the Northern climbs of Penrith, IO84oq square, and I have been able to assess how well my Wellbrook 1530+ performs on this band.

Surprisingly well it seems! I have now heard many European 50 MHz SSB signals during May using my loop which I have turned to a heading of 130 degrees (SE). When I compared my vertically polarised loop with my 50 MHz vertical antenna, the loop has had stronger signals every time and sometimes signals which I could easily hear on the loop have been none existent on the vertical!

I am in the process of acquiring a Sandpiper Tri-band 6/4/2m Moxon horizontal antenna for use indoors and will compare that next with my loop.

Sandpiper triband moxon

73 de Philip G0ISW

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