Combining Fldigi data software with PSK Reporter

I’m really now getting to grips with Fldigi data mode software for windows, by W1HKJ.

This modern software has many new features that my existing MixW software lacks, such as automatic identification of received data signals using RSID, even switching to that mode without any operator interaction if you want.

One feature is to ‘spot’ automatically stations that you receive at your location.

I use this feature now as a matter of course and the information is sent to the PSK Reporter website where it is displayed on  a map page that updates continiously.

In the example below it is showing all the data stations I have heard on the UK 5 MHz band in the last 24 hours.

PSK reporter 60m

By clicking on each balloon the precise mode, time, frequency, location information is displayed on screen. It can assist to show antenna coverage/radiation patterns/Propagation conditions etc.

Useful as well to see who has heard you, by selecting other map options.

73 de Philip G0ISW

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