Using FLDIGI with RigExpert Standard & Kenwood TS-2000

I have used MixW Amateur Radio data software for over ten years as my primary means of sending and receiving PSK31, Olivia etc.

I noticed a lot of people on air using the FLDIGI data software which has many newer features such as RSID and video mode TX that MixW lacks, I tried FLDIGI but went straight back to MixW again as I was more familiar with it.


However the lure of the FLDIGI extra features meant I have since experimented with it further, using my Flex-3000 SDR radio and have had excellent results.

My primary radio is my Kenwood TS-2000 with RigExpert Standard interface, but I really struggled to get it to work properly with FLDIGI as I clearly wasn’t using the correct settings for CAT and PTT control.

I tried to find help for this particular combination on the Internet, but struggled. Finally today I found the correct settings and am publishing them below in case it helps any others.

FLDIGI config1

FLDIGI config2

In particular do not use/check RigCAT’s own ‘CAT command for PTT’ .

73 de Philip G0ISW





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