Elecraft KX-3 lightweight pedestrian portable 5 MHz station

Some of you have asked me to post photographs of my lightweight pedestrian
portable station, based upon an Elecraft KX-3 transceiver.

Pack contents are:

1. Elecraft KX-3 transceiver S/N #2640
2. Elecraft microphone
3. Elecraft paddle morse key
4. Elecraft BNC adaptor
5. Miracle Whip antenna
6. Counterpoise wire, with crocodile clip (for attaching to barbed wire/deer
fences if available and found locally here everywhere)
7. Racal Clansman 1.5-30 MHz HF antenna element, with lead throwing weight
8. Condor Molle H2O carrier pouch, which is padded and fits the KX-3 perfectly.

KX-3 Condor molle H2O carrierCondor Molle H2O carrier with MW

KX-3 inside Condor Molle H2O carrierKX-3 removed from Condor molle H2O carrierCondor Molle H2O carrier pouch openKX-3 and accesories

KX-3 with Racal antennaRacal antenna element and banana plug and Elecraft adaptor

Hope this helps, have fun

73 de Philip G0ISW


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