MixW Macros for Weather data & callsign lookup/DxAtlas

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I have been using MixW data software for over 10 years now and it remains my favourite having tried all the others.

I like using MixW macros to make operating on Amateur Radio data modes easier and have had recent success with two macros that have been on my ‘to do’ list.

Task 1 – Automatic Weather data insertion from my Weather Station software into my MixW macros.

Usually when I send data to other Amateur Radio contacts I like to tell them the weather here and have for years had to manually type in the temperature, precipitation etc.

I wanted a way to grab the required Wx data straight out of my Weather station, but didn’t know how to do this. I looked at the MixW online help files and initially tried using the INIFILE command, but my weather station software (Weather Display) has a huge .INI file and I struggled to get this to work.

A request for help on the Yahoo MixW Group reulted in a suggestion to try instead to get my Weather Station software to create a custom text file and use that instead to be grabbed by a MixW macro.


I will describe the working solution for my Weather Display software and this method should work for any Wx software.

In Weather Display software there is an option to create a ‘custom text out’ file where you stipulate what Wx data you wish to be included in a file called ‘customtext.txt’ located in the C:/wdisplay/webfiles/ folder.

Here are the contents of my customtext.txt file

G0ISW Weather Report

Wx: %inputdailyweather%

Cloud: %metarcloudreport%

Current temp: %temp%

Todays max temp: %maxtemp%

Today’s min temp: %mintemp%

Visibility (miles): %visibility%

Visibility (km): %visibilitykm%

Humidity: %humpercent%

This document is used by the weather display software every 1 minute to generate another file called ‘customtextout.txt’ and here is an example of the output just now

G0ISW Weather Report

Wx: Sleet

Cloud: Overcast

Current temp: 1.2°C

Todays max temp: 1.2°C

Today’s min temp: 1.0°C

Visibility (miles): 5.0

Visibility (km): 8.0

Humidity: 90%

Now I needed to write a MixW macro that would use this Wx information, grab it and paste it automatically into my transmitted messages.

Here is the macro, I labelled ‘Wx Report’


The MixW command TEXTFILE can be used to grab any text from any file, you just need to specify its name and where it can be found on your computer’s hard drive.

Task 2 – Click on a callsign in MixW ‘Receive window ‘ and automatically look up station callsign in QRZ.com and simultaneously plot that station’s position on the map used by DxAtlas software.


Here is a MixW macro I labelled as ‘Lookup’

<EXEC:”C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE”
<EXEC:C:\Program Files\Afreet\DX Atlas\DxAtlas.exe>
<EXEC:C:\Program Files\MixW2.20\Mix2DxAtlas.exe>

You need to specify where on your own computer Internet Explorer is located and DxAtlas.

I also use the excellent MixWButtons V0.9 by K1PGV to give me plenty of macro buttons to work with.

Have fun 73 de Philip G0ISW


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