5 MHz data modes PSK31, Olivia 16/500 etc. activity


There has definitely been an increase in the numbers of 5 MHz data mode
operators in recent weeks with ‘PSK31’ activity regularly seen around 5.363 MHz
and ‘Olivia 16/500’ regularly seen around 5.368 MHz.

Also seen has been a little ‘JT-65’ activity between the two.

Stations from all over the UK, from the Shetlands to Kent, have been
participating daily, as well as a few TF stations from Iceland seen calling CQ
and worked on 5.363 MHz on PSK31.

Anyone interested in joining this data modes activity is invited to participate
either randomly through the week or on the newly promoted Saturday/Sunday ‘PSK31
activity periods’ between 1000-1200 UTC, centred around 5.363 MHz for PSK31.

Last weekend on the Saturday morning saw the most operators with many
simultaneous transmissions spread around the frequencies above.

Experimentation between the different modes has been a feature too, evaluating
which work best in different band conditions/times/QRP, and often around
midnight there have been good communications reported inter-UK, perhaps when not
really expected.

You are all most welcome to join in the fun.

73 de Philip G0ISW


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