UK 5 MHz Band Plan or lack of – Use of ’60m Whiteboard’ as a guide

5megsWhilst there is still no formal ‘UK 5 MHz band plan’ at present, the UK 5 MHz Yahoo group has been working hard to collate, discuss and present ideas for UK 5 MHz use (post 1st January 2013) where the band can be shared by all in an orderly manner, with proposals for where existing SSB channels remain, new channels and modes etc fitted into the new allocations.

For further information please visit the website of Ian G3NRW where you can view the UK 5 MHz allocation and the latest version of the ’60m Whiteboard’ which can be considered as a guide, leading to best practice.

Please also be very mindful not to cause QRM to frequencies used by other Countries on 5 MHz, in particular respect the old ‘F’ channels often used by Radio Amateurs in other nearby Countries such as the Republic of Ireland (Channels FB, FE & FM). By all means work them on SSB, but don’t set a dial frequency or use a mode that clashes with their allocation.

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