Olivia data mode on 5.368 MHz Sunday 30th December 2012


I have to say that I had a really interesting and pleasurable experience today with (for me) the new ‘Olivia’ 16/500 data mode on 5 MHz.

I started listening, replying to CQs and later calling CQ myself this morning around 5.368 MHz and couldn’t quite work the only G3 station I could hear, who was down in Sussex from my QTH here in Penrith IO84.

Had lunch and this afternoon Olivia data mode was really very busy on 5.368 MHz where I worked Richard M0SNR and later towards dusk John GM4SLV, there were many other stations I heard and given the numbers on air two Olivia channels could easily have been used simoultaneously.

There was quite a lot of slowly moving QRN (QRM?) at times here, but the Olivia 16/500 data tones coped extremely well wit 100% copy most of the time.

I am liking this mode and for me the greatest pleasure came from having a ‘real keyboard chat’ rather than just exchanging macros as happens a lot on other HF bands on other modes.

So, thanks to everyone for today and I can see myself spending a lot more time (xyl permitting) on 5 MHz Olivia and of course PSK31
too! Will be interesting to compare the two modes.

73 de Philip

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