Lost my old G1MOG callsign on license revalidation

I have held both my full license callsign G0ISW and my old VHF only callsign G1MOG for several years now. Whilst I didn’t use it often the G1MOG callsign had sentimental value as my first ever Amateur Radio callsign.

In the last few days I contacted OFCOM to revalidate both calls and discovered that new UK practice to fall into line with ITU regulations is for all Radio Amateurs to only be permitted a single personal callsign.

Regrettably therefore I have had to relenquish G1MOG first used by me in 1985-1987, then 2006-2012, but I still hold out hope that one of my children will eventually take the RAE and revive the call.

73 de Philip G0ISW (Ex G1MOG)


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