Elecraft KX-3 Headset microphone

I have found and am using the Turtle Beach Earforce Z11 headset microphone with my new Elecraft KX-3. I chose this headset as I already use other Turtle Beach headsets with my Xbox360 games console, they are comfortable and have good audio & wanted a headset I could also use with my laptop PC and iPhone.

Disabling the KX-3 ‘MIC BTN’ menu to show only ‘Ptt’ enables me to use this headset in lieu of the Elecraft MH3 hand microphone, otherwise the radio goes into transmit mode as soon as you plug in the lead. Also do not use the headset ‘mute’ switch either for the same reason.

The microphone levels are the same for both the Turtle Beach Z11 and the Elecraft MH3, so easy to swap them over.

For me I need a compression level of around 3, zero doesn’t really work.

Experimenting with both microphones and listening to my audio, I can’t tell the difference.

The Turtle Beach Z11 headset terminates in a single 4 pole 3.5mm jack, which fits the iPhone, but comes with an adaptor lead that splits this into seperate 3.5mm jacks for the KX3/PC microphone and headphone sockets.

With the iPhone this headset allows you to listen to music and or answer telephone calls too!

73 de Philip G0ISW


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