Elecraft KX-3 first 24 hours

My Elecraft KX-3 transceiver finally arrived, imported directly, from the US yesterday. It had been very quick to reach England by USPS Priority Mail, but was held up for many days at Heathrow by UK Customs and was released for delivery after I had paid the 20% VAT due.

First impressions of the KX-3 have been amazing! Very well packaged and the build quality is stunning. I had previously viewed several Youtube videos about the KX-3, but being able to view it closeup has been a revelation.

My Elecraft KX-3 is serial number 2641. My first task was to install eight (8) 2900 mAh Ni-Mh ‘Extreme’ rechargeable batteries into the radio, this was done reasonably easily and I had already charged them externally ready to go. Pressed the two KX-3 Power on buttons and……nothing! Re-opened the case to discover that the red and black power lead from the battery pack had accidentaly come loose. Replaced with the red wire uppermost and tried again……success!

I had also acquired a Nevada Switching Power Supply model PSW-04 rated at 3-5 Amp to power the KX-3 with 13.8 Volts in the shack and when travelling. Fitted the supplied KX-3 power cable with the wire displaying the white stripoes being the positive (+).

I had been looking at this radio since it was first advertised. Even with he small internal speaker the audio quality has been great. The receiver sensitivity is far superior to any other radio I have used, my normal shack radio is a Kenwood TS-2000.

This morning connected to my Racal tactical dipole in the garden at only 2 metres above ground level I heard a VK station on 14.208 MHz from Melbourne, I really can’t remember the last time that happened on my other radio!

I connected easily to my laptop using the supplied USB cable and was able to upload hardware updates and new memories using the Elecraft software from their website.

Early days yet, and I have still to work out all the controls but 10/10 so far.

73 de Philip G0ISW


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